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If Bach had lived in Cuba…

or Beethoven had lived in Brazil, or Chopin in Louisiana… They might have sounded like Frank French.He is one of the best and least-recognized pianist/composers working today. In addition to mastering classical, ragtime, choro, tango, and carribean styles of piano … Continue reading

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Norman Blake, Tut Taylor, Sam Bush, Butch Robins, Vassar Clements, David Holland, Jethro Burns

Year: 1975Label: Flying Fish I have often thought that jazz and bluegrass have a lot in common (this goes along with my secret theory that The Grateful Dead was Rock & Roll’s unconscious answer to Ornette Coleman). Both traditions rely … Continue reading

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Harry Partch – Delusion of the Fury

Enclosure VI: Delusion of the Furya ritual of dream & delusion, opera in 2 acts for voices & large ensemble of Partch instruments Another hero, another hobo. Harry Partch stands alone as the most creative, individual, and iconoclastic musician of … Continue reading

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Lionel Belasco – Goodnight Ladies and Gents

Belasco was the Scott Joplin of calypso:he composed West Indian music from folk sources, which he found on his many travels throughout the islands, and was the first person to popularize calypso outside Trinidad. Piano player, band leader, composer, and … Continue reading

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Washington Phillips – The Key to the Kingdom

There are few musicians who can make something that sounds as sweet as a lullaby and as haunting as a death rattle. There are not many Christian religious singers who convey a sense of humility and quiet acceptance that is … Continue reading

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John Fahey – God, Time & Causality

Label: ShanachieYear: 1998 ..we may here have the ultimate – both in terms of best and final – statement of American Primitive Guitar.(from the liner notes) For those of you who don’t know who John Fahey is, do yourself a … Continue reading

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