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The Roots of John Fahey

So, about 9 months ago I started working on this compilation. Several months and nany hours of searching, listening, and sequencing later, I found out that someone had already done a more complete version of the same task. Until yesterday, … Continue reading

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Tom Cora – Gumption in Limbo

Tom Cora stands as the greatest improvisational cellist ever recorded. His music is totally unique and non-generic, i.e. universal. In his playing, you hear all the sweet mournfulness of Pablo Casals, all the joyful idiosyncracy of Joseph Spence, and all … Continue reading

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Best of the Memphis Jug Band

The modern literary work is largely a work of reference. Therefore, I shan’t waste my time and yours trying to say what has been said before and better. Instead, here’s a bio from a grateful dead site:The Memphis Jug Band … Continue reading

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Leon Redbone – Double Time

Biography by Jason Ankeny:While his gravelly baritone and omnipresent fedora, dark glasses and Groucho Marx moustache made him one of the more distinct and recognizable characters in popular music, little is known about the neo-vaudeville crooner Leon Redbone. Throughout his … Continue reading

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Peter Lang – American Stock: A Guitar Collection

Peter Lang is an American Primitive Guitarist in the true sense of the word. His technique is rooted in open-tuned, pre-blues guitar styles dating back to revolutionary times. His music looks forward, however, and combines the deep, mysterious, memory-inducing melodies … Continue reading

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Albert Ayler – Love Cry

“He carried the gift, the voice, a reflection of God.” -Don Cherry And if you like jug band music, why not try out this avant-garde jazz? Seriously. It has the same freewheeling spirit, the same abundant joy and chaos. I … Continue reading

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Clifford Hayes & The Dixieland Jug Blowers

The Dixieland Jug Blowers were the finest of the city jug bands. ~Sam Charters More of the Same, only different. Biography by Craig Harris:The Louisville, Kentucky-based Dixieland Jug Blowers were one of the first jug bands to record. Led by … Continue reading

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Jugs, Washboards, & Kazoos

Some of the very fines of the early jug band sides. This music is carefree and highly buoyant. It is hipster music from the days of the first hipsters. Really it was much closer to the dixieland jazz of New … Continue reading

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The Microphones – Little Bird Flies Into a Big Black Cloud

Well, now, I do a lot of badmouthing of sensitive singer-songwriter types, partly because they are inexplicably popular right now, and partly because by and large they are mediocre musicians and rather whiny, self-centered egoists. Yes, there is a certain … Continue reading

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The Pipering of Willie Clancy Vol.2

Willie Clancy: 1918-1973Willie Clancy was an iconic figure in the revival of the uillinn pipes and traditional music from the 1960s onwards. His father Gilbert played flute and concertina and had known and listened to legendary blind travelling Clare piper … Continue reading

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