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A Poet

A poet is someoneWho can pour light into a cup,Then raise it to nourishYour beautiful parched, holy mouth. -Hafiz

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Mississippi John Hurt – 2 Albums

Most readers of this blog will be familiar with the legendary Mississippi John Hurt. His graceful syncopated fingerpicking and gentle voice have turned the hearts and ears of many. While mostly enjoyed by blues-lovers, Hurt was always classified as a … Continue reading

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To all you old blues lovers

As I logged into blogger today, I noticed that apparently, this blog has 5 ‘Followers’. One of them, it turns out, just started a blog on Sunday. Check it out: Stomp that Thing Looks promising! and Gadaya from Times Ain’t … Continue reading

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Rev. Gary Davis – Ragtime Guitar

We haven’t heard any ragtime for a while. It was one of the more recent popular American forms before the recording industry, so it doesn’t have quite the ancient quality of traditional pieces that are rooted in Africa or England … Continue reading

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Joseph Spence – 2 Albums

I’ve written extensively about the utterly unique, stupendous, and dumbfounding music of Joseph Spence. So I won’t write much this time, but if you haven’t heard his music, go and read my other posts on him, and then forget all … Continue reading

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Well thanks, everyone, for your comments in the discussion on ethics. It’s probably the best discussion on the subject I’ve been a part of, and I learned a lot. Though the discussion’s certainly not ended, I’ve come to some clarity … Continue reading

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A discussion on ethics

Recently, it was brought to my attention that the all the links for the Seamus Ennis album recently posted were dead. This is troubling, because for the first time, there has been a complaint to the file-hosting servers, and they … Continue reading

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