The Mystery Album

Well, the boat’s been shaken a bit, but I think we need to get back to the task at hand: sailing the seas of music. But to acknowledge the great, bleak unknown storm that broods on the horizon, I thought I’d try something a little different.

This album is top-notch. Both musicians are at the top of their game, and one is a world-class virtuoso. And yet, chances are, you haven’t heard of them. And I’m not going to tell you about them. In fact, I’m not even going to tell you they’re names, or the name of the album. And there aren’t any ID3 tags to help you either. The iTunes database won’t tell you, and unless you have a very sophisticated ear, you won’t be able to guess.

Which means my post won’t be deterring any potential sales of the artist’s music, and the artist also won’t have any chance to benefit from the publicity.

And for you, o gregarious listener, it means you won’t have any pre-conceived notions or expectations when you listen. Imagine a black disc arrived in the mail with the instructions: listen.

Really, just listen. Having no name, it has no collection-value, no genre-limitation, no historical background — essentially, no conceptual attachment. Just experience it for what it is.

And enjoy it. I do.

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23 Responses to The Mystery Album

  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe I know who or what this mystery album is. I don’t want to ruined for others by saying the name if I am right. Are the initials of the musician any chance “JF”?

  2. WRONG!Who were you thinking of, John Fahey?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I was thinking of John Fahey. Back to the drawing board, by the was this is an excellent album. I’m amateur musicologist and obsessed collector. This a lot more fun than just getting a straight album. It really can test your ears on how much you know about music. I just want to say I’ll miss the Broken Engine, but I’ll say this. I’ll join in the fight and start my own page. I have a trove of 78 rpm’s and other goodies.

  4. Boletus Joe says:

    Hello to the dirt farmer…. from the Mushroom Man. Whomever is on this album, I must say very nice to listen to. I can imagine myself on the Steppes of Mongolia, or maybe in the Andes in South America. At any rate it does what good music outta’.. Take you away to that other place……Maybe to Spain, or maybe to Greece in the shade on a hot Mediterranean day, watching a beautiful girl dance a flamenco, or maybe some old Cuban puffing on a cigar while he coaches the notes from an old handed down guitar…. Took me to all these places……..

  5. Boletus Joe says:

    ….and the Orient…….

  6. Anonymous, glad to hear you enjoy the mystery, and gladder to hear you’ll start your own page.Boletus, good to hear from you. And yes, the album really ‘travels’. All the more because you don’t know the nationality of the musicians.

  7. Anonymous says:

    really great idea ! thanks for sharing ! … too bad that I guess at the first title, after you guess what the instruments are it’s not difficult to findI know the female artist from others products but not this one who is really good! I hope you will do the same for others albums because it’s really exciting ! thanks from chiranne !

  8. good detective-work, chiranne. that was quicker than I anticipated. and thanks for keeping silent about the name, to allow others to continue to guess.i think i will do this again, from time to time. i’ve enjoyed the responses.

  9. actually, funny that you mentioned John Fahey, anon#1. The artist gave me this album after hearing me play Fahey’s Joe Kirby Blues on guitar.

  10. HungryFreaks says:

    I know only a guitarist who can play like this. Is maybe someone with initials “MR”?Thanx for the share!!!

  11. ‘MR’? I’m not sure who you mean, but it’s not the musician on this album. Grazie a ti, Signore Bogart ūüėČ

  12. HungryFreaks says:

    Ops! I was pretty sure it was Marc Ribot… Great music, anyway, now I am really curious!

  13. Tipton says:

    I am just dying to know who this is. I want to hear more! How can I find out? Will you e-mail me?I love your journal. The most thorough I have seen in terms of exposition, images, and overall quality of

  14. @ HungryFreaks – ah yes, marc ribot! one of my favorite contemporary players, why didn't i think of that. anyone who can play Haitian classical guitar and schizophrenic Albert Ayler / John Zorn guitar is pretty special. it could be him, i suppose. but it isn't.@ Matt – did you think you could seduce me out of silence with your strokes & appreciative comments? ha!thanks for them, but i don't think it would be fair if i told you. maybe i'll email you a hint. maybe.

  15. Nate Davis says:

    Chiranne is correct; if you can place the instruments, there really are no other options!I am currently watching a Youtube video of my favorite track. It is, really, very, very lovely. But in a way, I feel something of a sadness at having a face to what’s so beautiful and mysterious. Thank you.

  16. Muddy says:

    That was a bit of effort. The black and orange japanese flag sent me looking for koto and shamisen players, which was a blind alley.I persevered and finally located LF and MO’T. Tracking down the right instrument was the key. Will you ever reveal the answer to those less willing to burn the time to find the answer?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well, Irate Pirate, I was the first to post a comment and my musical ears failed me. I said, “I’ll join in the fight and start my own page. So here we go and to anyone else interested. Yet, I have only have one album posted. This is the official debut. Enjoy….

  18. atlee says:

    Aw, how ’bout revealing this album’s identity for us for Christmas?

  19. wvfiddler says:

    Great exercise, Pirate! I heard the instrument and it sent me to youTube looking for players of said instrument, and a video came up right away…She’s remarkable! Thanks for sharing this, and everything else. You run a tight ship over there…

  20. great idea, pirate. an exercise of freedom…you rock.GLAUBER [BRAZIL]

  21. Anonymous says:

    I Think it may be Fareed Haque and Goran Ivanovic…

    i don't know the album, but the style is the same…

    Am I right?

  22. nope! in fact I'd never heard of them before, so thanks for introducing me to some new names. I'd be particularly interested in hearing Fareed Haque and his harp-guitar…

    Listen closer to the tone of the instruments. Once you have them figured out, it's easy.

  23. You will never reveal the real name???

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