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Yes We Did! – The Best of 2008

Avast, maties! I spy land on the horizon. Could this be what we’ve been waiting for? The dawning of a new era? The unfolding of a new whirled hors d’oeuvre? I’ll leave you to decipher that one. Though one must … Continue reading

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Vassar Clements – The Bluegrass Session

Another of IncaRoad’s great Flying Fish upz… I’d place Vassar as #3 innovative American fiddler after Richard Greene and Scotty Stoneman. And yeah, I’d say he’s up there with Joe Venuti and Stephanne Grappelli in the jazz world too. Out … Continue reading

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The Hugo Masters: An Anthology of Chinese Classical Music

China’s becoming a heavy player on the world stage again. Hyper-productivity, pollution, big brother, olympics, even their contemporary artists are attracting world-wide attention. It’s not the first time China’s been big: when Europeans were all living in huts and clubbing … Continue reading

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New Grass Revival – When The Storm Is Over

this is the third installment of IncaRoads’ gifts: While David Grisman & others were pioneering a sophisticated bluegrass/jazz fusion called “Dawg”, the New Grass Revival were crossbreeding bluegrass with contemporary trends in rock and other strains of Americana. Banjos and … Continue reading

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New Riders of the Purple Sage – Before Time Began

Here’s the second contribution by loyal blog-reader IncaRoads. More to follow soon. Biography by Bruce Eder For most of the early ’70s, the New Riders of the Purple Sage™ (yes, the name is trademark-protected) were the successful offshoots of the … Continue reading

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