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Pierre Laniau – Erik Satie: Pièces Pour Guitare

Erik Satie (1866-1925)The manFor some people, Erik Satie is known as an eccentric who gave his works odd titles that seem almost derisive and ridicolous: Chilled Pieces, Drivelling Preludes (for a Dog), Dried up Embryos … Many believe that this … Continue reading

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The Devil & Michael Cleveland

So get this:The Devil goes down to Georgia, announces that he will eat all the children one by one unless a man can beat him in a fiddle contest. Now Georgia, as I’m sure you know, has had a plethora … Continue reading

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Georgia Sea Island Singers

This isn’t actually a new post, since I uploaded these 2 albums back in may. But on account of the recent slew of religious vocal music, I thought I’d expand the previous posting. For lack of time, I won’t spout … Continue reading

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Bulgarian Voices [Angelite], Huun-Huur Tu & the Moscow Art Trio – Mountain Tale

This is a crazy cd. I don’t thing I’ve ever heard anyone layer completely different songs (in different languages and styles, no less) on top of each other, and have it WORK. Really. This album is amazing. The harmonies, the … Continue reading

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Grand Papa Diabaté – Guitar Extra Dry

This isn’t him – it’s his brother, Sekou Diabate, from 1956 There’s very little information (and no photos I could find) about (Grand) Papa Diabaté, at least on the interweb. Which is a shame, because he’s basically the father of … Continue reading

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Mike Auldridge – Dobro / Blues and Bluegrass

Nowadays, there’s lots of talk about dobro-master Jerry Douglas. And rightly so, he’s an immensely talented instrumentalist who’s one of the most in-demand musicians in the country, and plays with impeccable skill. But somehow, though he isn’t as hot (chop-wise … Continue reading

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Happy Lupercalia!

Lupercalia – The True Origin of Valentine’s Day The true origin of St. Valentine’s day appears to be the Lupercalia. The Lupercalia was a Roman festival celebrated on the 15th Day of February. In the Roman calendar February was later … Continue reading

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