And what a fine jape it was!

I am, of course, referring to my previous post, the larkable April 1st post on Mary Jane Kelly. If you hadn’t figured out by now that it was in jest, then you either didn’t listen to it or didn’t read the comments. But of course, like the best hoaxes, it wasn’t too far from the truth. The crime scene photos are of Mary Jane Kelly, and the murder is true; though it was performed 40 years previously, in London, by the notorious Jack the Ripper. The other photos are another Mary Kelly. John Fahey did in fact find Ishman Bracey, but that meeting led to the rediscovery of Skip James, not Randal Gatz. The Randal Gatz is in fact a band, and this album is named Mary Jane Kelly. It was googling Mary Jane Kelly that I came across all the JtRipper stuff and saw the possibility for prankdom. The real cover for the album is that image at the bottom of the post.

If you like the music, check out their myspace page. They offer their demo albums for free download, so I don’t think they mind me posting here.

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  1. astarte says:

    When I downloaded the Randal Getz and played it, I was thinking of your remark in the hoax story, “..sounds avant-gardistic”…that’s when I began to realize I’d been fooled. It was TOO avant-garde, and the sound quality way too good.Nonetheless, I liked what I heard. So I’ll check them out

  2. zecco says:

    My leg still hurts from the severe pulling that you gave it. Rather than playing the music files first, I began by trying to figure out how something was recorded on Bluebird in 1926. Couldn’t find any Bluebird or Victor label references so preceeded to research the artists. I then knew I’d been had, but until a half hour of scratching my head.

  3. yaar! you might try replacing it with a peg leg, says I – harder to pull!

  4. Anonymous says:

    well played sir. almost 2 years later and you just fooled another one. i remember reading this when you first posted but i couldn't download at the time. nicely done.

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