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Rev. Gary Davis – Live at Gerde’s Folk City

Sussex has passed along this amazing set from Poke. It’s hot off the presses, only 47 years old… and definitely worth the wait. Through the three discs of this set, spanning several nights of live performance, replete with in-between-song banter, … Continue reading

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Pat Cloud – Higher Power

Another progressive out-of-print banjo album; it’s not really bluegrass at all, it’s entirely jazz, but played 3-finger style rather than dixieland style. Tony Trischka says:Pat Cloud is an elusive figure. Though some people know of him only by rumor, he … Continue reading

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RIP Ali Akbar Khan – Pre-Dawn to Sunrise Ragas

Ali Akbar Khan, the foremost virtuoso of the lutelike sarod, whose dazzling technique and gift for melodic invention, often on display in concert with his brother-in-law Ravi Shankar, helped popularize North Indian classical music in the West, died on Thursday … Continue reading

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Ramón Montoya – Recital de guitarra flamenca

There was some interest aroused by Sabicas as to the roots of Flamenco guitar. Thanks to Miguel, we can go straight to the source “He may be considered the creator of the flamenco concert guitar, because in spite of the … Continue reading

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Louis Armstrong – Hot Fives & Hot Sevens

Your musical education and collection would be incomplete until you listen to these recordings. In fact, your life will be sorely lacking if you do not fully indulge in these pieces of polyphonic euphoria. As an amazonian customer said, “This … Continue reading

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Sabicas – Recital de Guitarra Flamenca, Vols. 1-3

Thanks to the generous contributions of Miguel, we present you with 3 more discs of Sabicas! These are his vintage recordings, and they are superb. I’m pretty sure the discs were only released in Spain, so you can grab them … Continue reading

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Jimmy Gaudreau – The Gaudreau Mandolin Album

Biography by Eugene Chadbourne For a guy who picked up mandolin quite casually, thinking of himself as a guitarist for the longest time, Jimmy Gaudreau has accomplished giant things with the little instrument. Although many of his credentials point quite … Continue reading

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