from The Black Oil Brothers


As fans of your site we wanted to send you an MP3 of the opening track off of our new album entitled Long Way From The Delta for you to enjoy, post, send to friends, etc. I’d love to send more, but I don’t want to jam up your Inbox. If you would like more MP3s, please feel free to contact me and I’ll send more.

If you’d like a hard copy of the entire album, possibly for a review/feature/mention on your site, I’d be happy to send that as well! We want to spread the music far and wide to those that appreciate what we’re doing.

The Black Oil Brothers are a 3-piece acoustic delta country/blues/folk band out of Chicago, IL. We just returned from our first tour of the UK, and it was quite successful. So much so that we already have shows and radio interviews set up for our next tour (for twice as long) in 2010. We’re regulars in Austin (during and not during SXSW), NYC, and this summer we’ll also be hitting Nashville and LA in addition to regular shows in Chicago and throughout the Midwest.

Our official CD Release Show is Friday, June 26th @ Quenchers in Chicago. We’ll be promoting the release in the next month with some radio spots, etc.

Thanks and enjoy.


Tony Manno


It sounds great! Really, very superbly awesome! If you’d like to send more pieces (particularly if they display other facets/styles that you do), i’ll happily add them to this post. Or upload them directly to a host like or and send me the link, and I’ll post it directly. Or send the cd if you’d like to, you guys sound quite promising.

Here is track 1, Going For Broke:

download [fixed]

and track 7, Not the Blues:


and track 8, Indeed, Sir:


also, on their website you can download their first EP – Steal from Thieves for free, and several other bonus tracks! Click here to get more of their music

Readers, take a listen and leave comments! Let these guys know what you think of their music! Do you want to hear more?

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4 Responses to from The Black Oil Brothers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great sound and feel…more please

  2. banjobrown1 says:

    This is a link that gets you the whole cd in this post , it was sent to me to post at my leisure but I have yet to get around to it as I am trying to take advantage of good weather here's the link from Steve over at any genre goes

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but this just seems to offer uploading…no download to click on??

  4. banjobrown1 says:

    That link works fine

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