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Where the Blues Rears its Ugly Beautiful Head

All you patient and salient country-blues-lovers, I know I’ve been neglecting you of late to focus on crazy fiddlers and africans and banjoizzards and such. Do not despair, I’ll get back to posting more crazed, semi-intelligible git-box-banging grit-moaners before long, … Continue reading

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Richard Greene – Ramblin’

Ok, so the only person I can reasonably post to follow Scotty Stoneman is his musical successor, Richard Greene. Richard learned from Scotty, studied him until he understood Scotty’s unique brand of insane magical fire. And he combined that with … Continue reading

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Scotty Stoneman with the Kentucky Colonels – Live in LA

You know, there’s only one person I could post that could follow Sándor Lakatos. Yes, I do mean the other most-crazy-brilliant fiddler of the twentieth century, the other king of double-stops and tempo-changes and bird-calls and just plain country madness: … Continue reading

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Sándor Lakatos & His Gypsy Band – Gypsy Virtuoso

Since I didn’t scan the booklet when I had this out from the library some years ago, I have absolutely no information about him, and none can be found on the interweb. So all I have to go on are … Continue reading

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Slim Richey – JazzGrass

Not much to say about this that I haven’t said about previous bluegrass/jazz meetings, except that it’s fantastic! Apparently this Texan is still in the music business, making good sounds. Keep an eye out for his excellent beard! Reveiw:As one … Continue reading

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We have a winner!

The Ola Belle Reed cds have been won! All three of the discs I was giving away are going to a reader named Kilby from North Carolina. Why all three to one person, you may ask? Very simple: he was … Continue reading

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Boubacar Traoré – Kar Kar

One of the coolest things about Mississippi John Hurt and Elizabeth Cotten is how their guitar would mimic their voice, playing the same notes at the same time as they sang them. Now, imagine that same approach as applied to … Continue reading

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