Jug Free America

Hello Irate Pirate,

I saw that you had posted something from the Dough Rollers. They’re friends of mine and great musicians and I’m also a big fan of your blog. Based on their music, I thought you might be interested in my old jug band called Jug Free America. I did a post about that band on my blog, DownHomeRadioShow.com where I posted our album. That’s at http://www.downhomeradioshow.com/2008/03/jug-free-america-a-notable-21st-century-jug-band/ . I thought you might enjoy our music, and if you want to post it up on your site that would be really cool.

Many thanks for all the awesome music!



p.s. I have a new band, with one of the same guys as is in the Dough Rollers. We’re called The Dust Busters: http://www.myspace.com/dustbustersmusic

Really awesome music, guys! Inventive, eclectic, and solid. Some of the best jug-band music I’ve heard in a long time! You really understand how to mix the unlikely tones of your instruments into a sound that is both raw and clear, fully lives up to the tradition of our great jug-bearing forerunners. Jug Free America!!!

To all my readers: download their album!

PS, nice blog/radio show

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One Response to Jug Free America

  1. Eli Smith says:

    Hey Pirate,

    Awesome. Thanks!


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