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The Delmore Brothers – Classic Cuts Vol. 2: The Later Years 1933-1952

Here’s another fine JSP box of vintage American roots music. And really, it couldn’t be more different from Blind Lemon Jefferson. Where he was raw, the Delmores were polished. His records were buried under a cloud of surface noise. These … Continue reading

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Blind Lemon Jefferson – Classic Sides

Time for another revenant – a standby of the Old Weird America: Blind Lemon Jefferson. The man who practically defined the sound of ‘One crazy guy with a guitar, belting his lungs out and playing things that no respectable white … Continue reading

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Lin Shicheng & Gao Hong – Hunting Eagles Catching Swans (Music For Chinese Pipa)

For any of you who enjoyed The Mystery Album, here’s some more music you’re likely to like, and which will help you figure out just what that album is, if you haven’t already. It also happens to be one of … Continue reading

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Pascal Diatta & Sona Mané – Simnadé + 4

For any of you looking for the African equivalent of Joseph Spence and the Pinder Family, this is it. Like Spence, Pascal Diatta has a style all his own, as inimitable as it is distinctive and fitting to the music. … Continue reading

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Jim Turner – The Well-Tempered Saw

“That’s beautiful!…Have you ever heard anything like that in your life? That is wonderful.” – Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show “Turner’s saw solo was brief, breathtaking, and the high point of the evening. This simple, flat piece of metal became, … Continue reading

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John Fahey – 2 Albums

Past time for a guitar-soli post, and this one is from the man you all know. Or you better know him by now, if you’ve been reading this blog. In fact, one of the main reasons I started this blog … Continue reading

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