Kevin Roth – The Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Album

So, um, the other album to break a whole bunch of boundaries in the dulcimer world, also played by a guy who later turned to children’s music for his staple diet, is this one. I quite like the drones and swoops of this all-dulcimer album, I must say. I’m curious to hear the other albums listed from the Flying Fish unearthing, though I’m also wary, as Kevin’s presence completely spoiled an otherwise fine Ola Belle Reed disc for me. Anyways, here’s some good modal old-timey classical celtic indian medieval Beatle-folk for ya. Enjoy!
Kevin Roth (born 1957 in San Diego,California) is an American folk singer and dulcimer player who has released thirty-two albums. His most recent CD is titled Between the Notes. He has performed at the White House for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.
Roth lives with Chris Fitzpatrick in Hollywood, Florida.
He sang the theme song to the 1990s PBS children’s program Shining Time Station.
Kevin Roth – The Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Album
The mountain dulcimer is more accurately described as a fretted zither. Performing the songs of traditional mountain folk and contemporary urban musicians, as well as composing his own, Kevin Roth offers a diverse repertoire: an old Virginia fiddle tune, an East Indian melody, a Clementi sonata, a Baptist hymn and pieces by Pete Seeger, Judy Collins and the Beatles.
Year: 1977
Label: Folkways Records FW03570
Side A
101 Medley: The Red Hair Boy and Marie’s Wedding – 1:45
102 Planxty George Brabazon – 1:38
103 Norwegian Wood – 2:26
104 Duncan – 2:10
105 Medley: Southwind and The Wind that Shakes the Barley – 2:48
106 Copos de le Montagne – 2:13
107 Sally in the Garden – 1:27
108 Medley: Farewell to Tarwathie and Sheebeg and Sheemore – 2:40
109 Soldier’s Joy – 1:38
Side B
201 Ragutati Ragava Raga Ram – 3:16
202 Singing in the Country – 1:38
203 Dry Bones – 2:29
204 June Apple – 1:28
205 Nightingale – 2:28
206 Thinking about the Old Ways: Medley: Soldier’s Joy, Water Bound, Somebody Kicks My Dog Around – 2:13
207 Greensleeves – 2:11
208 Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing – 1:42
209 Bring in Good Ale – 2:16
210 Clementi Sonatina – A Dulcimer Varation – 1:33
mr | vinyl, cleaned, mp3 >256kbps vbr
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3 Responses to Kevin Roth – The Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Album

  1. jerrysalem says:

    Thanks for this great album. Kevin Roth is one of those 'Forgotten Jems' of the 70's (Sorry Kevin, I think you are forgotten).

    His instrumentals are great, his voice is moving. It is too bad he never got the recognition he deserves, unless you consider Shining Times Station recognition.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This link seems to have disappeared due to (last in adress field) “RapidPro expired” ?

  3. Time2 says:

    Yes.. rapidpro expired, you have to log out to get this link to work, for some reason.

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