More Sean Ó Riada and That’s All Folk!

Hi there Mr. Joyce,

First of all thanks for the excellent post, not only this one but many of them.

Well, I write a blog about traditional music too, in portuguese though (I am brazilian – no, we do not speak spanish lol) at

I also wrote about, and posted records from, Séan Ó Riada there. Introducting him to the brazilian listeners of irish traditional music (who knows a lot about the Chieftains, but nothing from the genius of Sean ó Riada).

A link to his 64’s record Sa Gaiety maybe will be an adition here(?):

About Sean the man, I was reading a Chieftains biography, John Glatt’s book, and I found some funny histories:

First of all, his unusual way to deal with money. One day, tells a Ceaóltóirí Cualann percussionist, Sean ó Riada arrived to give him a ride, driving his brand new Jaguar, just to ask him: “Could lend me some money for the petrol?” lol

The books tells also that Ó Riada often used the holes in the wooden floor of his house as an ashtray lol!

All The Best,


Thanks Tiago, a cursory glance shows that you have a fine fine blog indeed, and I’m using Google Translate to convert it to English. There’s much more there than I can read at the moment, but I look forward to the day I can plunge in and really explore it. Recommended to my readers (especially those who enjoy the European folk & trad music)!
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2 Responses to More Sean Ó Riada and That’s All Folk!

  1. Hi there,

    Thank you quite much for reading and publishing the blog address here, dear 'Joyce as a pirate'. 🙂

    The textes are only simple footnotes to conxtextualize the records, really.

    The blog is nowadays mainly about european traditional music because the readers wanted so, actually.

    I made pools there to decide what region of the globe I should post abput. The last one had EUA's traditional music, latin american music and british music at stake – and people voted for britain! Surprisingly enough!

    Oh just a last note. Last week I saw the Celtic Legends here in São Paulo. Liz Knowles ex- Cherish the Laddies on the fiddle and Kieran O'Hare on the uillean pipe, plus other excellent irish trad musicans. Wonderfull stuff, played to about 4 thousands ppl here. Up Ireland! 🙂

  2. do you know this brilliant musician from the shetlants ?


    ps: sorry for posting this 3 times, I had the code wrong …

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