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Kenny Kosek and Matt Glaser – Hasty Lonesome

Boy, once I get started on a theme I can’t stop! Especially when it involves newgrass players, because every time I look at one it leads me to another. These guys have been in the scene since the Country Cooking … Continue reading

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Rob Wasserman – Solo

And another Grisman bass player’s album from 1983! There is just something so incredible about a good bass player. They root the music, giving it a foundation in the pulsating rhythms of the Earth, and if they’re good they can … Continue reading

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Todd Phillips – Released

Another spotlight on a pioneer of Newgrass / New Acoustic music. We’ve left Country Cooking now and are working back throught the members of the David Grisman Quintet. This is a very OPEN record. What does that mean? It means … Continue reading

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Peter Rowan

Who can say what music really is? It’s a formless energy that moves people. It’s a good place to put your head. -Peter Rowan Ok next in our series of progressive bluegrass-rooted musicians who helped to crete a new form … Continue reading

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ahoy. i dig your blog. you might enjoy gangstagrass: Hey Gangstagrass, nice tunes! Good timing too, as I’m focusing on experimental bluegrass right now. You know, it’s rather surprising that there haven’t been more bluegrass/hip-hop fusions. If Peter Rowan … Continue reading

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Tony Trischka

“…the godfather of what’s sometimes called new acoustic music.” – New York Times “…most influential banjo player of the latter part of the 20th century, certainly in terms of his profound influence on succeeding generations of modern players.” – Banjo … Continue reading

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Russ Barenberg

Ok, on to number 3! This time the best aspects of the previous 2 artists are joined for two truly remarkable albums. To start, let me say that there is something very personal, immediate, and beautiful about Russ’s playing. His … Continue reading

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Pete Wernick – Dr. Banjo Steps Out

The Man With the Underwater Banjo. That’s Doctor, to you. Our next look at the members of Country Cooking yields this one-of-a-kind gem: This is a wonderfully expansive bluegrass album. While Pete’s banjo-picking sticks to basically Scruggs-style bluegrass techniques, he … Continue reading

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Andy Statman

“There are those who know Andy Statman as the virtuoso klezmer clarinetist – violinist Itzhak Perlman, for instance, who chose Statman to lead his klezmer album. There are those who know Andy Statman as the down-home mandolin player with a … Continue reading

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Country Cooking

Ingredients: 1 fiddle. 1 Manodlin, a-model. 1 Guitar, steel-string. 1 bass, electric. 2 banjos. That’s right. TWO BANJOS. Instructions: Begin with tradition. Bluegrass. Kentucky. Dash liberally with new-york-city mentality. Stir in a heaped tablespoon of virtuosity on each ingredient. Begin … Continue reading

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