Holy Warblin, Terrorful Hootin’

Heads up, me hearties –
There’s a new ship a’sailin. And it’s set to unearth treasures the likes a’which ye’ve only dreamt of. It’s manned by one of the maddest raptor-terrorists I’ve e’er encountred upon. A scallywag by the name o’ Owl-Qaeda be de cap’n. And if ye don’t b’lieve me that his travels have unearthed some of the finest treasure e’er buried, take a spy at these new chests o’ gold:
va – shango, shouter & obeah: supernatural calypso from trinidad 1934-1940
va – afro-american spirituals, work songs & ballads
fado de lisboa 1928-36 – fados from portugal vol 1
va – raks raks raks – 27 iranian golden pysch nugs from the 60s
karim mahmoud – egyptian oud & vocal
The Ace & Deuce of Pipering 1906-1947
va – from galway to dublin: early recordings of tradition irish music 1923-56
VA – Religion Is A Fortune – Sacred Harp Singing Early 1900s
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2 Responses to Holy Warblin, Terrorful Hootin’

  1. øשlqæda says:

    awe shucks thx for the plug pyrate, yur de barnackles' bunyons!

  2. Bernie Stocks says:

    NIce find!

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