Mystery Album #2

Well folks, it’s that time again. You’ve had it easy for a while, with me just giving you albums and giving you reviews, and telling you what to like and how to like it. I think it’s time you did a little work for your keep, eh? You know what I mean. Another guessing game.

Like the first mystery album, this is a duet album. And, like before, one of the players is among the best in the world on their instrument. And, like that one, it was given to me by the performers. It doesn’t cover nearly as much stylistic terrain, but the music remains fresh and invigorating, feeling as though it was improvised even though it was carefully composed. Though traditional in some ways, it’s definitely alive. That’s all I’ll tell you. Time for you to listen and figure a few things out for yourself.
*a few of you may have already heard this if i’ve shared it with you in other arenas. if so, keep mum.
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14 Responses to Mystery Album #2

  1. astarte says:

    I cheated and tagged the album via using tagscanner. So I know now.
    I won't tell, though.
    Nice music

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tip. I'm listening to your mystery posting right now. This is wonderful music and I have to admit I have no idea who this is. Stride music here and beautiful clarinet as well as piano.
    All in all, I just don't care. That's how good this is.
    Thanks, ralph11

  3. jerrysalem says:

    I like the album. But I have no idea who is playing. How about more hints as time goes on?

    Also, thanks to astarte for the end game 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    The clarinet isn't Andy Statman, is it?

  5. no, not Andy. He's another of the 'among the best in the world', but in a different style. I'll give you a hint: you probably haven't heard of him.

  6. kjell says:

    I wanted to say Pixinguinha but there was some ragtimey stuff and that threw me. It is great, whenever you feel like revealing the secret please do.

  7. drizzz says:

    Well I give up! I know it's not Dave Mckenna and Buddy DeFranco or Johnny Varro and Ken Peplowski. I never knew the piano/clarinet duet was such a popular combination throught classical and jazz musics. Anyway, I really thought I nailed it with Ron Davis and Sasha Boychouk, no dice, but their cd “The Bestseller” sounds like another winner. Anyway, thank you for the music!

  8. Anonymous says:

    At last, I have iTunes cover art for all those “unknown album” tracks in my collection!

  9. swboy says:

    Is it Paulo Moura on clarinet?
    Doesn't quite sound like him, but
    there are Brasilian type tunes…

  10. swboy says:

    No that's wrong :^)
    Pete Fountain & Butch Thompson?

  11. nope! Good guesses though.
    Someone else guessed Paulo Moura too.

    Though they play some Brazilian stuff, it has more New Orleans in it.

  12. raybo says:

    OK, please reveal the mystery!!!!

  13. but then it wouldn't be a mystery! Please, for the sake of posterity, you understand…

  14. kjell says:

    wanted to say thanks! I'd all but given up on figuring out what this is when I stumbled into an answer. Here's to #3.

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