For those of you waiting on a renewal of John Roberts & Tony Barrand – Dark Ships in the Forest, the album has been re-upped, with photos of the original vinyl covers added.

And Fred Geiger – Fred Geiger is reupped here.
Is there anything else that needs re-upping?
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7 Responses to Re-uploads

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am curious about
    Fred Geiger – Fred Geiger.
    I could say it needs a reup.

    Thank you for this good blog.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you.
    That was fast!

    // Markus

  3. atleson says:


    this is a great accomplishment–best wishes for more great music.

    i haven't been able how to download the two Ed Haley recordings. Did i miss something on that page?


  4. hm. it appears that the first disc was deleted. but the second one (Grey Eagle) is still alive, with both a mediafire and megaupload link.

  5. ray anderson says:

    could you please re-up track 9 from Maria Muldaur Gospel Nights????

  6. ray anderson says:

    hey! could you repost the link to “track 9” from Maria Muldaurs “Gospel Nights”? It’s no longer up….


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