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Blind Willie McTell – Atlanta 12-String

Some people call him the greatest bluesman of all time. I don’t think that’s true, at least not so long as Son House and Skip James are still riding the great greyhound bus in the sky. But coming in closely … Continue reading

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John Jackson – Rappahannock Blues

I haven’t really posted much of anything lately, owing to the fact that I now have two jobs and little time for philanthropiracy… so I also neglected to post this news which is now a month late, about a newly-released … Continue reading

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‘Spider’ John Koerner – Spider Blues

Well it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything blues- or jug-band-related, so I thought I’d reward the patience of my blues-loving readers and post this rarity. The most striking thing about this record, to me, is how it just feels … Continue reading

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Debashish & Bob Brozman – Sunrise

Well, folks, it’s that time again. I’m heading off to travel around the misty isles of Britain and Ireland again, so don’t expect any more posts for a while. But I thought I’d leave you with this special treat to … Continue reading

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Sounds of the South, recorded by Alan Lomax

Well I seem to be on a roll of 4-cd box sets featuring expired musicians from the roots of the great tree of American music. I see no reason to reverse that trend now… and in fact this is one … Continue reading

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Blind Lemon Jefferson – Classic Sides

Time for another revenant – a standby of the Old Weird America: Blind Lemon Jefferson. The man who practically defined the sound of ‘One crazy guy with a guitar, belting his lungs out and playing things that no respectable white … Continue reading

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Where the Blues Rears its Ugly Beautiful Head

All you patient and salient country-blues-lovers, I know I’ve been neglecting you of late to focus on crazy fiddlers and africans and banjoizzards and such. Do not despair, I’ll get back to posting more crazed, semi-intelligible git-box-banging grit-moaners before long, … Continue reading

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