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The Roots of John Fahey

So, about 9 months ago I started working on this compilation. Several months and nany hours of searching, listening, and sequencing later, I found out that someone had already done a more complete version of the same task. Until yesterday, … Continue reading

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Astor Piazzola – Tango: Zero Hour

It’s not hyperbole to say that Astor Piazzolla is the single most important figure in the history of tango, a towering giant whose shadow looms large over everything that preceded and followed him. Piazzolla’s place in Argentina’s greatest cultural export … Continue reading

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Clara Rockmore – The Art of the Theremin

There are few musicians who can really make their instrument speak. I don’t just mean sound imitation or call-and-response, but really make an instrument provide the full range of expression found in the human voice. Charlie Parker, Son House, and … Continue reading

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Pablo Casals – Early Recordings 1925-28

Before audio recording, if people wanted music in their house, they had to make it themselves. Nearly every well-to-do house had a piano, and 90% of americans played an instrument. Sheet music was widespread, popular composers were household names, and … Continue reading

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Harry Partch – Delusion of the Fury

Enclosure VI: Delusion of the Furya ritual of dream & delusion, opera in 2 acts for voices & large ensemble of Partch instruments Another hero, another hobo. Harry Partch stands alone as the most creative, individual, and iconoclastic musician of … Continue reading

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