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Darol Anger & Mike Marshall

Yeah, you probably saw this post coming. It was only a matter of time before I posted these two alumns of the David Grisman Quintet. If there were ever two musicians destined to play together, it is Darol Anger and … Continue reading

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Todd Phillips – Released

Another spotlight on a pioneer of Newgrass / New Acoustic music. We’ve left Country Cooking now and are working back throught the members of the David Grisman Quintet. This is a very OPEN record. What does that mean? It means … Continue reading

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Guy Van Duser

If you downloaded the Rounder Guitar compilation I posted a few months ago, you heard Guy Van Duser playing an incredible Fats Waller tune called Viper’s Drag. Finally I’ve managed to get some more of him; some out-of-print vinyls both … Continue reading

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David Grisman

Hey you devoted and lonely readers, I’m back! Sorry for abandoning you without warning like that, but perhaps you took the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the summer. I did! Now getting back to music: Of course, there’s only … Continue reading

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Richard Greene – Ramblin’

Ok, so the only person I can reasonably post to follow Scotty Stoneman is his musical successor, Richard Greene. Richard learned from Scotty, studied him until he understood Scotty’s unique brand of insane magical fire. And he combined that with … Continue reading

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Slim Richey – JazzGrass

Not much to say about this that I haven’t said about previous bluegrass/jazz meetings, except that it’s fantastic! Apparently this Texan is still in the music business, making good sounds. Keep an eye out for his excellent beard! Reveiw:As one … Continue reading

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Jim Kweskin – 4 Albums

“The Manson Family preachedpeace and love and went around killing people.We don’t preach peace and love…”-Jim Kweskin By request, we have here some more Jim Kweskin albums from the 60s. Freaturing more prominently than on the Jug Band albums is … Continue reading

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"Dakota" Dave Hull & Sean Blackburn – Vol. 1 & Rollin’ Along

Porco Rosso just posted a couple of great country-meets-jazz albums over at Guitar and the Wind. He talks about the history of the various attempts to fuse the genres, beginning with Jimmie Rodgers and Bob Wills. I thought I’d contribute … Continue reading

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Pat Cloud – Higher Power

Another progressive out-of-print banjo album; it’s not really bluegrass at all, it’s entirely jazz, but played 3-finger style rather than dixieland style. Tony Trischka says:Pat Cloud is an elusive figure. Though some people know of him only by rumor, he … Continue reading

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Louis Armstrong – Hot Fives & Hot Sevens

Your musical education and collection would be incomplete until you listen to these recordings. In fact, your life will be sorely lacking if you do not fully indulge in these pieces of polyphonic euphoria. As an amazonian customer said, “This … Continue reading

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