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Peter Ostroushko – Slüz Düz Music

I have already talked about Peter Ostroushko (here), so I’ll keep it brief this time. This is, simply put, a totally fantastic album. One of the best I have heard in a long time. If you had to label it, … Continue reading

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Modern Mandolin Quartet – Modern Mandolin Quartet

I really ought to post more classical albums. There’s some really terrific stuff in that mega-genre, and while some of it is geared for pampered victorian prunes, plenty of it can be enjoyed by those with a flair for the … Continue reading

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Bertram Levy & Peter Ostroushko – First Generation

Back to some vinyl again! We have here another incredible out of print Flying Fish LP. There is no information on this album pretty much anywhere, and little to none about Bertram Levy. Peter Ostroushko, however, is known as one … Continue reading

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Darol Anger & Mike Marshall

Yeah, you probably saw this post coming. It was only a matter of time before I posted these two alumns of the David Grisman Quintet. If there were ever two musicians destined to play together, it is Darol Anger and … Continue reading

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David Grisman

Hey you devoted and lonely readers, I’m back! Sorry for abandoning you without warning like that, but perhaps you took the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the summer. I did! Now getting back to music: Of course, there’s only … Continue reading

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Norman Blake & Red Rector

There was an intimation that someone around here liked Norman Blake… which is almost as good as a request if the file is already uploaded and just awaiting posting… I won’t write any long, indulgent intros. Instead, I pirate two … Continue reading

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