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Pete Sutherland – Poor Man’s Dream

Not much to say about this one, it’s just a fine bit o’ music. Flying Fish had a way of recording these albums that make you feel like you’re sitting on a back porch with friends, even when the music … Continue reading

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Ed Haley

Ok, so this isn’t a picture of our man, but it came up on a google search, and was too good not to use ­čśë Ed Haley was, as near as I can figure it, the American equivalent of Michael … Continue reading

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Michael Cross – Child Prodigy

This is a really fun, engaging, entertaining album. The picking & fiddling is fantastic, the singing definitely above par, and the songs are laced with enough humor and good spirit that even a song about undertakers can be cheery. It … Continue reading

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George Pegram

Here’s one for anybody that liked the Obray Ramsey, or banjo/old-time music in general. Like Ramsey, he played banjo in the 3-finger style, but not quite bluegrass. He was as unique as a blue chicken, and twice as friendly. Whether … Continue reading

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Jean Ritchie – The Most Dulcimer

And – can you face it – one more dulcimer album! By the queen of the dulcimer, princess of the folk revival herself, Jean Ritchie. One of the only people who could be deep, authentic, and totally appalachian while still … Continue reading

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John McCutcheon – 2 albums

And, just to show you that I don’t have anything against nice, pleasant music (so long as it’s done well and not too sappy), here’s some fine heart-warming strings and things. Usually the separating question is: have they gone deep … Continue reading

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The Philadelphia Folk Festival 1972 & 1977

Following on the heels of Michael Cooney, here’s a festival he’s been very involved with throughout its 40-year history. It’s one of the top folk festivals in the country, or at least it seems so based on the talent they … Continue reading

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