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Rachid Halihal – Traditional Songs of Fez, Morocco

I’d never heard of this guy before picking up the cd used a year ago. But it’s pretty damn good music, I must say. It might be worth mentioning that all the guitars and fiddles in the world have evolved … Continue reading

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Munir Bashir – 2 Albums

You know, it’s no accident that guitar music happened so much in Spain. It evolved from the Lutes/Ouds that were brought by the Moors into the south of Spain. And they didn’t just bring the instruments, they brought culture and … Continue reading

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Munir Bachir – In Concert in Paris

Until his death a dodecade ago, Munir Bashir was considered by many to be the greatest oud player alive. Or, rather the best musician who plays the oud. Quite frankly, even now most would argue he was the best of … Continue reading

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