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Blind Willie McTell – Atlanta 12-String

Some people call him the greatest bluesman of all time. I don’t think that’s true, at least not so long as Son House and Skip James are still riding the great greyhound bus in the sky. But coming in closely … Continue reading

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Louisiana Cajun French Music

Well it’s about time this blog had some cajun music. It was sorely missing from my gumbo of old american roots and fruits. Now remedied!Zydeco and Cajun are the premier cultural expressions of the spirited and hardy people of southwest … Continue reading

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Bali: Gamelan & Kecak

The first time I heard gamelan music, I had no idea what it was. I thought it was electronica. It literally sounded like aliens. I was very confused, and very entranced. Then gradually I heard some more, and it was … Continue reading

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Björn Ståbi & Ole Hjorth – Folk Fiddling from Sweeden: Traditional Fiddle Tunes from Dalarna

Brilliant strange music here. There is something so mysterious about traditional Scandinavian music. It comes in circles, but instead of the kind of circle that brings you back to the same place you started (as occurs in American, Celtic, and … Continue reading

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Minstrel Banjo Style

Ok, so this is sort of the companion album to Rural Parlor Guitar. It’s an album of music from the 19th century, which has laid the foundation for everything that we hear today. Like that one, it is an indescribable … Continue reading

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Ensemble Organum – Le Chant des Templiers

Ok, so I’m not much for Christian music, except the variety that has fiddles & accordions & banjos & other instruments of devilry, or screaming black people. Or at least some sort of mystery, and please keep it light on … Continue reading

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VA – Rural Parlor Guitar – Recordings from 1967-1971

So by now most of you have gotten used to this pirate disappearing for 3-month stretches, with little-to-no notice. This was another one of those, also involving travel and relocation. Thanks for your patience! I’m beginning to get settled into … Continue reading

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Ed Haley

Ok, so this isn’t a picture of our man, but it came up on a google search, and was too good not to use 😉 Ed Haley was, as near as I can figure it, the American equivalent of Michael … Continue reading

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George Pegram

Here’s one for anybody that liked the Obray Ramsey, or banjo/old-time music in general. Like Ramsey, he played banjo in the 3-finger style, but not quite bluegrass. He was as unique as a blue chicken, and twice as friendly. Whether … Continue reading

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Seosamh Ó hÉanaí – Ó Mo Dhúchas (From My Tradition)

This is really deep, intense, uncompromising music. You can label it ‘difficult listening’ if you like, because chances are, if you’ve never heard this sort of stuff before, you won’t be able to make it to the end of the … Continue reading

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