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Nowell Sing We Clear – A Pageant of Midwinter Carols

More weirdness from old Brittania! I meant to post this earlier, but hopefully you are still in the mood for some festive music. Now as you may have gathered, I’m not particularly keen on Christmas as it’s currently celebrated, with … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice & Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

On Darkness: The child is born in the darkness of the womb; the chicken hatched after incubation. Birth begins in darkness, as dawn follows the long night, and spring springs from winter. We must not interrupt the incubation period within … Continue reading

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Chris Wood & Andy Cutting – Following the Old Oss

Thought I’d share this absolutely beautiful tune, which is very appropriate for it being the May Day today. And then there’s some background information on what it’s all about, in case you’re curious about just how odd some people’s customs … Continue reading

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