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For those of you waiting on a renewal of John Roberts & Tony Barrand – Dark Ships in the Forest, the album has been re-upped, with photos of the original vinyl covers added. Here. And Fred Geiger – Fred Geiger … Continue reading

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Happy Buy Nothing Day!!!

You’ll notice on my description it says: “Artist, guitarist, inactivist, wizard.” Well today is for the inactivist in me. A few decades ago Utah Phillips had this to say: Mark Twain said, “Those of you who are inclined to worry … Continue reading

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The Music Gatherer

Hey folks, Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. ‘Real life’ has gotten increasingly busy. Here’s a great blog I just discovered: The Music Gatherer:Rare and Obscure Scottish Folk and Traditional Music Beautiful stuff!

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Saying Farewell to the Riverbank

The best of the blues blogs is gone. Like the oil filling every pore of the caribbean shore, the Muddy Sava Riverbank has perished. You know, I fancy myself something of a connoisseur/collector/scholar when it comes to acoustic blues music, … Continue reading

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An Inquiry about Kenny Kosek & Matt Glaser

Hello Mr Pirate Damn but you have good taste in music. Question for you. I had that Kenny Kosek & Matt Glaser lp years ago but it went the way of all good things when I moved house & had … Continue reading

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The Truth will Set You Free…

The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench – a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” – Hunter S. Thompson

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More Sean Ó Riada and That’s All Folk!

Hi there Mr. Joyce, First of all thanks for the excellent post, not only this one but many of them. Well, I write a blog about traditional music too, in portuguese though (I am brazilian – no, we do not … Continue reading

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