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Ramón Montoya – Recital de guitarra flamenca

There was some interest aroused by Sabicas as to the roots of Flamenco guitar. Thanks to Miguel, we can go straight to the source “He may be considered the creator of the flamenco concert guitar, because in spite of the … Continue reading

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Sabicas – Recital de Guitarra Flamenca, Vols. 1-3

Thanks to the generous contributions of Miguel, we present you with 3 more discs of Sabicas! These are his vintage recordings, and they are superb. I’m pretty sure the discs were only released in Spain, so you can grab them … Continue reading

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More death music! More Fahey-influences. More guitar-magic. More mystery. Real mysteries. Not just like, how in Yahweh’s chthonic name did he do that!?! But also insights into the mysteries that lay beyond death and the multifarious bardos. This is endarkenment … Continue reading

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