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Debashish Bhattacharya – Live in Calcutta

More music from the best slide guitarist in the world! The last track on this album is seriously one of the best fusions of east and west that I’ve ever heard, with fearful symmetry to match any Fahey composition. That’s … Continue reading

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Bali: Gamelan & Kecak

The first time I heard gamelan music, I had no idea what it was. I thought it was electronica. It literally sounded like aliens. I was very confused, and very entranced. Then gradually I heard some more, and it was … Continue reading

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Rachid Halihal – Traditional Songs of Fez, Morocco

I’d never heard of this guy before picking up the cd used a year ago. But it’s pretty damn good music, I must say. It might be worth mentioning that all the guitars and fiddles in the world have evolved … Continue reading

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Ustad Vilayat Khan – Inayat

Another stupendous and jaw-droppingly good Indian musician. Recently someone commented that the remark in the liner notes for Debashish Bhattacharya belittling Vishwa Mohan Bhatt was totally uncalled-for. That is true. However, the fact upon comparison that D. Bhattacharya completely blows … Continue reading

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Debashish & Bob Brozman – Sunrise

Well, folks, it’s that time again. I’m heading off to travel around the misty isles of Britain and Ireland again, so don’t expect any more posts for a while. But I thought I’d leave you with this special treat to … Continue reading

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Lin Shicheng & Gao Hong – Hunting Eagles Catching Swans (Music For Chinese Pipa)

For any of you who enjoyed The Mystery Album, here’s some more music you’re likely to like, and which will help you figure out just what that album is, if you haven’t already. It also happens to be one of … Continue reading

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Pascal Diatta & Sona Mané – Simnadé + 4

For any of you looking for the African equivalent of Joseph Spence and the Pinder Family, this is it. Like Spence, Pascal Diatta has a style all his own, as inimitable as it is distinctive and fitting to the music. … Continue reading

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Sándor Lakatos & His Gypsy Band – Gypsy Virtuoso

Since I didn’t scan the booklet when I had this out from the library some years ago, I have absolutely no information about him, and none can be found on the interweb. So all I have to go on are … Continue reading

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Eino Tulikari – Kantele

Here’s an odd treat shared by the venerable Lemmy Caution. I pass it along to you, dear readers, because it is the closest-sounding thing I’ve ever heard to the mysterious instrument of Washington Phillips. This music is heavenly, ancient, stunningly … Continue reading

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RIP Ali Akbar Khan – Pre-Dawn to Sunrise Ragas

Ali Akbar Khan, the foremost virtuoso of the lutelike sarod, whose dazzling technique and gift for melodic invention, often on display in concert with his brother-in-law Ravi Shankar, helped popularize North Indian classical music in the West, died on Thursday … Continue reading

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